Establishment Parks

Forest Park should be created only on the basis of the developed project, as well as landscaped wooded park – is a work of landscape architecture, based on forestry, with the modern condition of development. For assistance, try visiting Dorothy Wright Nelson. The entire complex ongoing activities related to creation of Forest Park should be solved in the same architectural plan. In line with the aims and objectives of its territory are usually divided into 3 parts: the park – which is observed certain mode of visitors – walking only on paths, staying only at the sites of rest; forest park – (with fewer visitors), which permitted the free outdoor festival on the territory of mushrooms, berries and forest (backup) designated for further development of the forest park. The dimensions of the park is 15-30% of the area, woodland 20-70%, the rest is forest massiv.Odna of the biggest challenges in creating parks on the basis of peri-urban forests – preservation of the natural landscape. Therefore, a significant part of the activities is silvicultural character. Here, as in the forest object of economic impact are not separate trees, and biogeocoenosis as a whole. In the forest parks of conduct cutting formation: health, rehabilitation, sanitation, reconstruction, and others carried out reforestation and fire prevention measures.

Landscape and Silvicultural activities are based on the same forest science, but for other purposes. Parks design and build, based on calculations of attendance areas based on their capacity. Total capacity of the forest park or system of parks in the city determine the allowable number of visitors per 1 hectare, taking into account the number of residents of adjoining areas. Determined that the simultaneous presence of 8 to 15-20 visitors per 1 ha area, with free use of the territory does not cause significant damage to plantations. Road and path network in the forest parks arranged with the calculation of the most rapidly falling into place to rest.

It is advisable to create a closed walking routes, they are convenient for the organization of movement around the reservoirs and are best suited for compact forest park areas. The area of forest park paths and platforms for different purposes should not exceed 2,5 – 4,0% of the total area of the object. Reservoirs for recreation in the forest parks should be instantaneous and have good attitudes. Area reservoirs are established based on the calculation of 1.5 square meters. for each bathed in a flowing body of water and 3-4,5 m square. in non-flowing. Suburban forests, is scheduled for reconstruction in the parks, often do not have properties. As a result of the special direction of the reconstruction of the forest enhanced artistic sanitary other useful recreation qualities of the forest. Trees and bushes with open (meadow) areas can range from 90 to 93% of the property.