Esplanada Sphinx Address

Try bresaola rucola and grana to start the meal and continued with the spaghetti ai frutti di mare, or pesto alia Genovese. The menu offers over 40 varieties of pizzas, including the "Calzone." A pizza with these mushrooms – it's just super! Of course it should be noted delicate fillet steak, imported from South America, as well as scamorza alia griglia! Simply Yum! And for dessert? Relax on the terrace tasted real authentic tiramisu with Danesi espresso or any other flavored coffee. The attractiveness of the restaurant increased presence of free surfing on the internet for all holders of "Notebook" (thanks to OZNET). Corsini Cafe Address: Begining of Promonade, Old Vic, Village Road. Tel: +2 016 514 44 51 2 010 555 3336 Corsini Cafe – without doubt one of the best cafe in town. His eyes just run away from this extraordinary diversity of high grades of Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee, as well as unique combinations of options. Refined fragrance makes us forget about everything except charodeystvennogo sip of pleasure … And what are the wonders of confectionary art! All freshly cooked on the unique only in an existing cart!) Equipment: cakes, all sorts of pastries.

Al's willing to eat: pizza, pasta and sandwiches. Spacious room, ultra modern design, outdoor terrace, a children's platform price list, friendly staff – all this makes the coffee very attractive for all "From young to old." Esplanada Sphinx Address: Splanada Mall, Villages, Hurghada Mobile: 012 399 04 82 The Esplanade, Mr. Sphinx. Sarvatah and his spouse, the Miriam opened her restaurant a year ago, and today is one of the few places where you can thoroughly and eat lunch (or dinner). Many Visitors come here regularly, as this cute couple knows how to treat and what regale their guests. Fragrant garlic soup, a variety of meat dishes, among which we can recommend the steak and the "cordon Blue "variety of salads, a real Italian pasta (ingredients from Italy).