Environmentally Friendly

"Eco", "bio", "natural product" – such inscriptions are full of packages of food, cosmetics, household cleaning products, finishing materials. It seems that in today's world ecology is becoming an important criterion for purchase. But we well aware that fantasy producers can paste the logo "healthy products" almost on a package of noodles. On the other hand, the naturalness is not always a guarantee of quality goods. It is important to learn to distinguish the real from the imaginary environmental and choose foods based on common sense, and not from the label on the package. New Western fashion? On the ecology of our country began to think under the influence of the West. There are people who are eco-friendly lifestyle, while not abandoning comfort, given the special name – skappi.

Representatives skappi surround themselves with only natural products: food from eco-stores, clothing from recycled paper, hemp, soy, sneakers from end-of-life tires, reusable diapers and so on. For these people it is very important human impact on the environment and the moral and ethical values. Typical act of "eco-Names" – when air travel deduct a certain amount of money in the organizations concerned with reducing the harm to the nature of aviation. In skappi is the principle: you can not give pleasure – pay. People who are not indifferent to their health and nature, becoming more and more in Russia. But the Russian consumer, who wants to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, should think seriously before each purchase. Find out where ecology, and where it is simply the bait advertising in our country is not so simple.