Poe-sie.de kiss of a muse or the revival of romanticism in Langwedel romance is a tried and tested means to women’s hearts to the melt to bring a self written love letter or a poem of your own are the perfect tools for this. Not everyone has the talents of Eichendorff, Heine, Rilke or an other word artist. How does one put it in words what one feels for the woman or the man of his dreams? Or is writing letters and poems nowadays no longer asked? A love letter is usually a mess, at least for those who want to write him. Melvin T. Brunetti understood the implications. A love letter – why – is the highest revelation of the own feelings. Whether it’s confession is true love, the herzverbrennde desire, the desire for forgiveness after a violent argument or even the even worded proposal. It is difficult to put these feelings into words and to say his beloved what fascination has raised them in a.

It was probably her nice smile, her eyes or her seductive words. For the recipient but a love letter is a special highlight in the life. The two letters in her hand smile written lucky her trembling fingers, tapping her heart inspired touches the paper opens the envelope forward a distinctive font on warm yellow impressed each letter dipped in heat every word written with the spring tenderness yearning never strokes she loving rows page has the scent of your hair dark and tender glue it such a letter get stunning they envelop be * I love you *. His eyes look so deep shine her the shirt open, she captures the image-a head scarf, it like again and again read the words touched happy and smiling wets a warm tear not everyone can express the Tintenblau of his love his feelings in poetic form. But not only love letters, but also romantsche or cheerful poems are needed on many occasions.