Egyptian Tarot

THE WORLD A half-naked figure takes a magical baryta of extreme double, that symbolizes the powers on which it dominates. Their powers are been direct from all the efforts announced in naipes previous and from the energy consumed in the conscious and subconscious concentration. She is most beneficial of all, means: the cosmos, universe, kingdom of an ideal temple, totality, perfection, science, spiritual power and ecstasy. Right: One is also a positive letter, sample that has arrived a little while from fullness and conquest, our spirit it is enriched by the experience, it speaks then of favorable circumstances, thanks to which we will obtain honors, the work carried out will be compensated to us, the effort will be clear to us and ours it was worth. Key words: The World guaranteed Event.

Received rewards. Trip, emigration (within the same continent, change of residence place. Earth purchase or sale. Invested: It shows the existence of an obstacle in our way, hostile, lacking atmosphere of concentration, little social consideration, all this would not help us to solve it, the obstacle can yet be surpassed. Key words: Obstacles, stagnation, hindrances. Necessity to work very lasts to achieve the success. Interpretations: In concrete it: Triumph in all the companies. Change of residence.

Viajes.En work: Is not extremely important the work that realises by inertia. In money: Privileged economic position. In friendship: There are superficial relations where faith in anybody is not had. In family: Atmosphere that is lived in calidez, favorable. In health: To take care of the bones and the skin. In love: The feelings do not demonstrate, even though the love exists. It enjoys the solitude.