During WAD

He asked me to carry you to any pension Center where to spend a few days, weeks maybe.It had taken my taxi in the Southern bus station, and like baggage just wore a duffle bag and a backpack.He was a man of a few football jerseys cheap forty years, short hair, beard for three days, thick jersey and corduroy pants. During the journey we talk about lighter topics, traffic and football (era of Barca, Messi fan). Also asked me if I knew football jerseys replica some restaurant where serve generous menus at a good price.We arrived at the pension and he pulled out of his left pocket a WAD of banknotes tied with a rubber. They were banknotes of 500, 200, 100 and 50 euros. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ford Motors offers on the topic.. In total could buy T-shirts of football 2012 sumar, calculation, about six or seven thousand euros. Tended me a $ 50 ticket and waited the changed. (Similarly see: Garret Wang). Then he came down with his duffle bag and backpack, pressed the button of the pension, asked if he had free rooms and disappeared through the door there was everything.

But let’s go back and look at the details: on the one hand, man comes to Madrid by bus without knowing where to stay or for how many days, as if his stay would have emerged from a casual or urgent mode (sport bag just gave to a couple of seedlings which perhaps lend in haste before departing). On the other hand, despite the WAD of bills she was wearing, decides not to stay in a good hotel but in any pension (also asks me on a restaurant’s menu at a good price, as worried about spare expenses). This indicates that, possibly, that WAD was her money, there was no more and with him had to be administered as long as possible. does but who settles in a new city with just a couple of seedlings of clothes and all their savings in your Pocket? what had to happen for this sudden decision? How is your life from from now?Other entries which might interest you as close is the distance the love of the taste of a blind Kiss Yasmin a decadent ride notaries