Dog Massacre In Antalya In Turkey

Already senselessly slaughtered 13 June 2008/Gaby Gunther told in early April 2008 in Turkey the message mad road dog over 6000 dogs bites child to death!\” This message was a hoax! She was however by political leaders in Antalya for the occasion included, in the past few weeks unprecedented dog massacre Los kick. So far, more than 6,000 dogs have been slaughtered. Photos of open mass graves prove that demonstrably neutered, vaccinated and gechipte dogs so healthy animals fell the massacre victims. Live pups were thrown on the dog carcass and buried alive with them. Not even turned the effort to remove syringe from the bodies of the carcass. Turkish dog owners had to watch helplessly, as their dogs were shot. Many dogs were only shot and put in bags. In it are then painfully suffocated.

Press release by PETA (PETA is the largest animal rights organization with more than 2 million supporters): UmweltNatur/18887.php, as well as the photo documentation of a welfare initiative: 8.html. The municipal animal shelter by Antalya/Petra under the leadership of Mrs Sevda Kirac, dedicated 1 Chairman of the animal protection Association of Antalya, was quarantined for the next 6 months. Alleged prevention reasons, no dog, no cat, and also no visitors may enter the shelter more or leave, because supposedly there rabies rule. Sam Kamau was not officially informed in its capacity as Chairman of the animal welfare by the authorities and has until end of April the first dog carcasses and found mass graves. Then she has filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s Office.

This in turn raised Countersuit against them because she open the graves. Sam Kamau: It is a nightmare, that healthy, neutered and vaccinated dogs, which were well outside supplies, this totally unjustified mass murder victim fell in such a short time. There were dogs, of which assumed no risk! And why actually only dogs? Actually rabies broke out, cats, foxes, rats, animal farms and even the neighboring Zoo would need to be quarantined.