Distance Learning Course Fitness

Successful testing and certification by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU). The successful approval the distance learning course of the Academy of sports that the correspondence course optimally supports the participants in the learning process and going on the course goal confirms. In addition, the use of the online campus, available virtual seminars, instructional videos, demos, contact to tutor or course colleagues, and much more is the participant. The distance learning course fitness and health coach B license of the Academy of sport has been successfully certified by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and approved. This approval is used to certify that the teaching materials optimally support the participants in the learning process and promote a successful completion.

It was assigned to the approval number 7208210. The distance learning course can be booked so now and started on the same day. The correspondence course at a special price of 549,00,-(instead of 610,00,-) can be booked up to 31.10. For more You will find information here. Course objective: Get professional qualified expertise to work as a fitness and health trainer in the gym.

Workspaces can be the support of customers in the training area, creating training schedules and the assignment of customer equipment, exercises, and training forms. An additional 3-day presence phase takes place through the high practical relevance of this course. These days, the practical skills such as input discussion, development of a training plan and statement of the customer are taught. Should participate in the presence of phase not be possible, we can offer you will receive a certificate of participation to drop the learning control and editing of the final thesis. As a participant in this distance course you get sent the Academy of sports training catalog with over 100 of the most important exercises in the fitness sports, strength sports and rehabilitation free with your first teaching materials.