Diabetes And Your Feet

What is the proper care of the feet when a diabetic? ‘Why are my feet so’ – to prevent diabetic foot under the information is this motto event of the self-help group Wunstorf of the DDB who stattfinet to 14.04.2011 in the parish Hall of St. Johns Church (Barne) in Wunstorf at 19:00, here the Podologin Susanne Borchers will present the most important things for a proper foot care of diabetics. Take time for your feet. Grade if you due to nerve and circulatory disorders that danger of a diabetic foot the right foot care plays a role in here. What is the proper care of my feet? They assess themselves / or their families: can I do this yourself or a help is needed here? What can I do / I must use that I myself do not hurt. What footwear is the right thing for me. What help can I give my skin or nails this as soon as possible back to health have if it happened to me.

But what about proper foot care? The toe nails should be reduced (please no tip scissors use) prefer using a blunt sand sheet file. When you an increased formation of corneal is currently waive agents that attack skin callus Planer with sharp blade, corn plasters and tincture. If you have problems with ingrown nails, corns etc. or poorly reach your feet, it is to leave a medical Chiropodist safest care. When it comes to the washing of the feet, the temperature of the water, do not rely on your feeling of warmth that can be affected, but take a thermometer to help. 30 to 35 degrees are sufficient. Too long the feet in the water may also stay (maximum 3 minutes) because otherwise the skin softens and the natural protection of the skin is lost. The skin tightens and itchy, but what is much worse, mushrooms and other pathogens can nest.