Depression Defense

Now it has become fashionable to arrange a job interview, stress, stress testing of the candidate, which is part his mental stability. The concept is fairly well known and widespread, and therefore requires no special explanation. In my opinion, much more important to pay attention to resistance to temptation, which also abound in our world, as well as stress, but resist that no one teaches. After all, it is tempting to look like adults and often pushes the cool kids to pick up a cigarette! But they can not resist it, because the temptation is great, but nothing to protect myself. Willpower means constant overcoming oneself and one's laziness. As a "cluttered" themselves to do so-and-so, even when it is reluctant to do.

In general, everyone knows what it is, and all agree with its importance, but few have engaged in precisely the formation of this force in itself. And it just – just often do what they do not want to. That's all. Formation of good defense by the implementation of procedures and rules of its components leads to an increase in human life stability. For example, I personally never tempted by alcohol and tobacco, not to mention drugs, and nothing I did not offend in their direction. And yet I have not experienced a drop of the Depression, when lost a previous job, because it was confident that the work exists, it is just checking on my prochnost.Ataka. The attack – is to reduce the burden on defense by spreading the ideology of health lifestyle, as if by an attack on threats to the environment.

It's no wonder they say: The best defense – attack. So here, spreading the ideology, a person creates around him a circle of security, where are only those who either shared his views, either neutral to them. According to that same logic, the attack has two components, which are its specific content: Social Activity (outside).