DEGERenergie: Strong Demand For Success Model Of DEGERtraker 7000NT

Worldwide already 6,000 pieces are sold Horb a.N., July 30, 2009. DEGERenergie, world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar panels, has sold 6,000 units of its success model DEGERtraker 7000NT. We are experiencing extremely high demand after this system apparently best serving the needs of solar park operators as Artur Deger, founder and CEO of DEGERenergie. The DEGERtraker 7000NT is the largest two-axle to run by DEGERenergie. The model of professional electricity marks the tip of the DEGERenergie product portfolio since early 2007. In addition to the smaller DEGERtraker 5000NT, the 7000NT now belongs to the most installed systems of the manufacturer from Horb. Currently, around 5,700 DEGERtraker 7000NT are in use worldwide, approximately 300 more are ordered and delivered in the near future.

So we have cracked just two and a half years after the delivery of the system the Messegesellschaft brand\”, Artur Deger is pleased. Especially from Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy will list be Taking demand after its systems with emphasis on the DEGERtraker 7000NT, explains the DEGERenergie Chief. Among other things, the Spanish company operates solar on the Iberian Peninsula AS three solar parks with a total of 6 megawatts power complete with several hundred DEGERtrakern of this type. In Germany the operator of Consolaris use 1.5 MW farm in Bavaria with a one-megawatt Park near Edertal and Solarworld with two each on the 7000NT-Modelle. And the German project company Green Energy installed the dual axis systems by DEGERenergie 3000 GmbH since 2007 in its solar parks. For assistance, try visiting Daryl Katz. Such work not only the Green Energy Park in the Saxon Penig (1 MW) and in the Bavarian Workerszell (2 MW) with DEGERtrakern 7000NT the currently emerging Park in Kallmunz is equipped with a total of 138 DEGERtraker 7000NT. In Italy, among the local operator of Renergies sets at his new Park in the Apulian Andria on the successful model of DEGERenergie.