Cortado Workplace For IPhone Now With Scan-to-PDF Feature

The free mobile workstation with cloud printing function can be used in the update version as PDF scanners and copiers. A free update version with extended functionality is available now for the 2010 available since March 1 free iPhone business app Cortado workplace. The new version also includes the ability to scan documents and copy in addition to the 1 GB of online storage and a cloud-printing function. With the advanced version, iPhone users can scan documents with the iPhone’s camera and get filed, an automatically generated PDF file as a result, in the online store as E-Mail can be sent or printed on a local or network printer. In this way, the iPhone users can create including a copy of the documents. To use the print function of iPhone users must connect with a Wi-Fi only and can use all available network printers. More information under: wp-iphone the Cortado workplace solution is available in the Apple AppStore: for companies that want to build up the cloud printing service in a firewall-protected cloud is Cortado Cortado corporate server available. The software solution, which will be available shortly in a cross-platform version available for the iPhone, includes access to the corporate network, fax and email, as well as the creation of PDFs in addition to printing and scanning. More information under: enterprise. Press release and press photo are online available at: press. Silke Kannayya public relations manager ThinPrint AG