Crying nonstop for a baby with colic make many parents resort to popular home remedies, but there is no sufficient evidence that function properly, according to a review of 15 medical studies. Results do not surprise him Leni Calas, 32 years old, a mother who lives in New York, United States. Coves says it has tested many of the studied treatments, even the summary of fennel, droplets of sugar and massage, but it clarifies that none of that has worked for your baby Roxy, who frequently wept for almost six months. Our daughter wakes up and you could literally cry from morning until night without rest, detailed coves. Literally screaming to be purple and then vomited with so much yelling. Coves indicates that she and her husband could not accept what the doctors had told them, there was nothing wrong with your baby, and that after a while these periods of crying is would you. However, that’s exactly what happened. That is what the majority of doctors believe Pediatrics of United States.

The study, from researchers at the University of Exeter in England, was published online Monday 28 March in Pediatrics, the journal of the Academy. The researchers analyzed results of 15 studies on various alternative remedies, massages and chiropractic methods advertised as effective against colic. In total, nearly thousand infants data were used. Some of the studies were conducted rigorously and all had major limitations, the researchers said. Thus, the notion that any form of complementary or alternative medicine is effective against infant colic is not supported studied evidence, they added. None of the studies reported side effects, although one which involved the use of a herbal remedy cited vomiting, constipation and other symptoms, perhaps related to the treatment. Although there were promising signs with some treatments, including extracts of fennel, herbal teas and sugar solutions, one larger study is needed to obtain evidence inconclusive, said researcher Rachel Perry, the lead author of the review.