Coaching For Business

Maybe you're already convinced that support for your management as an entrepreneur you could use. It will be a relief to have a contrasting opinion and conditions before making some decisions. In addition, knowing that someone is yet to adhere to what you set out to always increase productivity. But the key question is what profile should be your personal trainer? And how I can find it? Business coaching is relatively new in Spain and the truth is that it has become more of a fashion magazines of the "management" than a practical reality for enterprises in the street. It is not put in the hands of a consultant "junior" one of the big consultancies, but to create a lasting relationship with someone who fills your own profile. A good business coach must meet the following conditions: 1. Experience.

Do not look for a youngster fresh out of college. You can tell this person complex business problems. Must be able to understand and comment judiciously. 2. Have you do not have knowledge. Find someone who can bring different views to yours. If you understand the technology looks for someone who does not understand. If you do not like examining the accounts, looking for someone with financial experience.

Want to create synergy where the sum is greater than all of them. 3. Having a computer at his side. If your coach has access to qualified people in their own team, you're extending the value of the relationship. It's like getting a whole range of professionals for the price of one. 4. Having a sufficient supply. The rules of time and methods of contact are important. Your coach will be with you by telephone two times a week or once a month? Can you send all the emails you want? "If something happens and you need to contact will be difficult? 5. Daryl Katz has compatible beliefs. There must be chemistry between the two. Looking for someone different from you, but with whom you can exchange ideas easily. To take advantage of the relationship you'll have to tell your coach the most intimate details of your business. To do this, you should be able trust and must have good communication. If after a few conversations there "chemistry" is over and find another.