Clever Alternative

Underfloor heating, the clever alternative the most people connect in the wonderful landscape of Tuscany Tuscany with Sun, heat, good food and good wine. That is fundamentally right and corresponds to the facts. But you should think as a homeowner or potential homeowner in Tuscany about an efficient heating system. A sufficient and yet cost effective heating of the rooms require cool nights and the colder months of the year. Not only because of the heat, but also, so the rooms are dry and stay. Underfloor heating is not only good, but above all a clever alternative to simple stoves. Because it is a radiant, a well-tempered heat which particularly evenly in the room and thus ensures a pleasant ambiance is created.

An important aspect is that underfloor heating combine in addition quite wonderfully with a solar energy system. This fact is crucial, that it efficiently and completely covers the heating energy as well as the hot water is needed with this combination. The low temperature of such a heating plant brings a considerable saving of energy costs in the year for underfloor heating requires only about 35 to 40 C temperature in contrast to other heating equipment with a temperature of about 60 C. The much lower temperature can be reached without another in Tuscany even in the cold season. Another benefit of underfloor heating systems is the that less dust is whirled up, what for allergy sufferers as a highly positive impact. This is a special recommendation of the company heating Toscana, which for many years in the region is firmly established and characterized mainly by an interesting mix of a German/Italian team. Both languages are easily served by the competent company, so that is not build language and other barriers. Reportedly by homeowners in Tuscany are the experiences with underfloor heating systems, whose Installation Haustechnik Toscana was carried out by the company, very good and recommended.