Central Bank Investor

Since then, the seller of bonds in favor asset management company, which on their own, on its own behalf concludes contract for the sale of bonds to investors. How is the procedure of selling them? Typically, bonds are non-documentary form and stored electronically with the custodian – a commercial bank or securities dealer who has a license for storage and maintenance treatment of securities and operations of the issuer of securities in accounts at the Central Bank. An investor can independently determine the custodian of the Central Bank. At the conclusion of such agreements to sell will be useful agree with the seller of securities and to adopt a unified their keeper, which will continue to implement a faster write-offs (enrollment) of bonds in a single depository. For the purchase of bonds between investor and the custodian is a contract to open an account in securities. The next step of the investor becomes the conclusion of a new sales contract directly cb. What features of the treaty? It should be remembered that the purchase of target bonds is their feature – to be extinguished (exchanged) for specified areas in advance.

Packages of bonds formed in the indivisible, so-called lots. Their size and characteristics are determined by the issuer and, as a rule, are set to real estate (apartments, or other non-residential premises). In the subject contract, the seller gives a full description of the lot acquired by the investor (the kind cb issuer, series, price, number of bonds, the repayment period).