Catholic Medical Instructor

To develop the service in the heart of the Catholic Church, is a privilege without precedents. -You are catholic medical instructor? You feel how it, you demonstrate how it? I am catholic, is one of the indispensable conditions to get to be a Swiss Guard. It is not important to demonstrate it with the words, the important thing is to be it in the life, every day. -What meant for you Juan Pablo II? I became Swiss Guard as a result of the attack against Juan Pablo II, therefore I have felt like very tied its person. After the election of its successor, the same union happened to Benedicto XVI.

– What you can tell us of that night that you were on duty when the Pope Juan Pablo II agonized? Outside the Place San Pedro, there were televising equipment of the entire world that was located on the ceilings around the Vatican. In the Place, the Romans were gathered in oration, while in the Palace everything was very calm. Only the people authorized had access to the Palace to develop their official function. It was a very particular sensation of peace and silence. – Which was the most difficult moment that you had to happen like Swiss Guard? A little while very intense it was the period of the death of Juan Pablo II and his funerals. In the days that the late Pontiff was exhibited in the Basilica for the last tribute: between 15 thousand and 17 thousand Romans per hour they entered the Basilica. – How thus you learned the Spanish language? To what it must your demurrage in Peru? What other languages you speak? I have wanted to learn the Spanish because she did not speak it, also liked to know and to discover South America.