Cat Litter And Hygiene

How often do you change it? Cat – a creature of cleanliness and can rebel against the constantly damp and stale toilet. Still tender foot-Scratchy should be dry. Not for nothing is one of the fillers is called "the Net's feet. A chistyuli-perfectionists may generally require second tray. Assign your Murka, its desire for good reason.

When one tray is dirty, and you're at work, she quietly goes into the second. Among the cats are often found fussy who just need to find convenient the filler. So, some like sawdust, others – silica gel, or spirit can not tolerate lumps. In general, try all kinds, capricious child need any so chooses. There are units that go to an empty a grid, but this is an exception to the rule. Once again I repeat that the cat needed to bury their feces – both in nature and the natural environment! 3.

Hygiene tray is essential. Never wash his agents containing chlorine and other disinfectants. These wonderful, domestic helpers are crossing natural smell, and the animal begins to find a new place for the administration of natural needs. Rinse the pan with water only. Little addition, the floor beside the tray is also desirable to wash with the addition of any detergents. Fragrances, shampoo and air fresheners complete blacklist. The exceptions are specially designed tools for the animals. 4. and Recently on the tray. Cats love to secluded places and they also need solitude to perform the "sensitive cases". So pay attention to where the toilet is a four-legged family member.