Care And Drive: Are You Attractive?

A competitive advantage is an appeal perceived from the perspective of the customer, for the customer is prepared to pay the present working method to increase your attractiveness, or your market positioning is in 1990 had been developed in the United States. After many conversations with international economic experts and advertising agency owners, I could refine the method of working in Germany and very successful use for many companies, clinics and organizations. The care and drive talk about some of the companies by significant sales growth through the impact balance. Essentially have I on the description and the impact of care and drive methodology focused and devoted so much attention balance, where I’ve seen it necessary. Source: Abbey Martin. What is PARADIGM shift a paradigm? Example: in 1964, the Swiss watch maker with a market share – were well over 60% – world market leader. Fellow countryman came up with the idea to make small electronic chips for watches, but without success. A Swiss watch with a chip was unimaginable. Casio took advantage of this electronic chip and has now become the world market leader.

The Swiss watch industry worldwide has only a small market share of 19%. A paradigm is essentially determined the limits of our perception or our viewpoints. A paradigm is a kind of background phenomenon – in a certain way to think or know of something. THE ATTRACTIVENESS of attractiveness is the attraction emanating from an object. More comfortable or better something is misjudged, the more attractive it is. This attraction is the focal point of each company, each service or any product. Customers is more attractive than the competition, win. A competitive advantage is an attraction that is perceived from the perspective of the customer and is ready for the customer to pay for it. Some companies that decreases to the acquisition of new customers and on the other hand the customer loss is increasing more and more are paradigms of practice sometimes before the phenomenon.