Cardiovascular Risk

It held until Sunday 29 the week XXVII of the heart of Madrid. This year takes place under the slogan each piece account for a healthy heart. Visitors to the tent of the week of the heart may be made free testing to know their cardiovascular risk. Since 1984, the Spanish Heart Foundation (CEF) held annually, with the support of the Spanish society of Cardiology (SEC), the week of the heart. This activity takes place in much of the Spanish cities throughout the year.

These days it’s up to Madrid. CEO of Ford Motor Co. has much to offer in this field. The space of the week of the heart has an area of medical tests to learn about the cardiovascular risk of the attendees (blood pressure, BMI, abdominal circumference, heart rate and cholesterol). In addition, various activities take place as the workshop the nutritional semaphore, in which a dietitian analyzes which are the main food nutrients from a cardiac standpoint; the workshop breaks with tobacco, which is they perform cooximetrias; Cardiobus, which provides information about cholesterol; test the age of the heart, which allows to calculate the age of the heart based on a questionnaire, or the test of Fendrich, to detect signs of type 2 diabetes. Doing spinning with Indurain in the workshop learn how to save a life, they are made to the attending demonstrations of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques. The objective is to launch a preventative message and engage the public of the important role that we play when someone presents an unexpected cardiac event in our environment. Rand Paul has much experience in this field.

A healthy heart walk warns that the sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise or physical inactivity is one of the major risk factors in the development of heart disease. Participants travel a circuit guided by each city’s main streets for about two hours. This cultural and sports initiative promotes a different way of practicing physical activity. In sum, during the week of the heart is taken the blood pressure is measured (BMI) body mass index, the abdominal circumference, heart rate and cholesterol and advise a nutritional level. On this occasion, and until May 29, it will be installed in the Plaza of Spain in Madrid. This is a tent under the motto each piece account for a healthy heart. Popular face have always supported this week’s heart. On this occasion, in Madrid, five-time champion of the Tour de France, Miguel Indurain, will participate making two solidarity session of spinning. It will be in the next Saturday morning. The presence of Indurain is intended to raise funds for cardiovascular research of the Spanish Heart Foundation projects. After Madrid, Logrono, Castellon and Barcelona in this way, navarro rider will be the grand finale campaign carried out by the Cardiobus in order to raise awareness among the population about the risks of cholesterol, that after visiting seven cities reaches its final stop. A. the week in the heart of Madrid have preceded you this year in Guadalajara, Santander and Lugo; and they will be followed by those of Logrono (17-19 June), Castellon (8-10 July), Barcelona (16-18 September), Cordoba (30 October – 2 November), Salamanca (4-6 November) and Cadiz (18-20 November). Source of the news: week of the heart: an opportunity to measure what our cardiovascular risk