Buying Tribulus

And only in the mid-80's, Bulgarian scientists have studied Tribulus many years at the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Research the center of Sofia, told the world about the property Tribulus to increase endogenous testosterone production. The first to take tribulus to increase athletic performance were athletes from eastern Europe, who started the history of Tribulus development, as a sports supplement. Since tribulus fell under close attention to bodybuilders and athletes of other power sports. Currently tribulus – this is one of the most popular sports additives on the level of sales and popularity among athletes Tribulus concedes that the development of creatine. how it works Tribulus Tribulus Tribulus herb contains about 0.7% steroid glycosides, as well as a large number of flavonoids, alkaloids, and vitamin C. The extract from the herb tribulus stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, lowers blood cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, improves myocardial contractility, and extract Tribulus has immunomodulatory properties.

And the main feature of Tribulus – the content in a large number furostanola, which is a positive effect on sexual function in men, increases the potency, stimulates spermatogenesis. It is the latter property, and abundant content in Tribulus furostanola made it applicable to sports practice. According to the research taking Tribulus increases levels of natural testosterone by 60-70%! Also important is the fact – that tribulus completely resolved the drug by the World Anti-Doping Agency wada and applies it, you can not be afraid about the upcoming doping control. Tribulus – significantly increases the size and muscle strength in athletes, because testosterone is a potent anabolic hormone. This drug is used by the best athletes and bodybuilders in the world. Also, many athletes Tribulus is also used because it has a diuretic effect, and using it for 3 days before the competition can get rid of excess water in the body. how to take Tribulus Tribulus At this time, Tribulus is available virtually every manufacturer of sports nutrition and find tribulus by visiting the online store of sports nutrition – will not be difficult.

The only difference lies in the dose of the substance (tribulus extract) in a capsule and the presence of third-party dobavkok (vitamins, amino acids). Buying Tribulus – pay attention to the content in mg of the working substance, ie Tribulus. The usual dosage of tribulus is 0,5 – 1,5 grams per day, divided into two or three admission, taken with meals. Thus, if you bought the content of Tribulus 500 mg – then you should take 2-3 capsules per day. (1 zatrakom in the morning, one before training and one before bed). Average duration of admission Tribulus – 6-8 months, followed by a two-week break.