Burnout Syndrome

Beneficiaries factors, symptoms, prevention, mental and physical exhaustion are the consequences of poor organization and work overload. Physical symptoms: headaches, muscle tension, cardiac problems, fatigue, diarrhea, listlessness cognitive symptoms: Aufmerksam – Gedachnisstorung, decision problems, diminished cognitive capacity of mental abnormalities: nervousness, anxiety, depression, restlessness, tension, inner emptiness, pessimism, decreased self esteem behavior: loss of contact with colleagues and patients, at the beginning of hyperactivity, later increased alcohol and cigarette consumption motivation missing stereotyping as “The want of all only the pension”, cynicism, sarcasm, resignation Trias: physical and mental exhaustion, loss of life energy, social withdrawal from the work of important enabling factors: perfectionism, idealism responsibility Kopfgesteuert can not give up Meffizientes Stressmanagment additional private Load no personal resources prevention: satisfaction at work conflicts with colleagues is the best protection against Burnout humor itself significantly higher responsibility (possibly supervision) at clear give emotional competence what is emotional competence? Personally correct handling of own and strange feelings of ability, with the relations to generate other resonance and empathy for others felt do professional distance: their own emotions and those of others understand balance between delineation and mitmenschlichem behaviour and adequately perceive ability and willingness of various aspects in their own deal. Balance between head and abdominal self management and self motivation: harmony between the behavior and the values & needs transparency their own feelings, beliefs, setting out taking syndrome born always a greater role in our society a. Workers are working too much, due to fear of the loss of jobs. Neglecting their social environment this leads to a vicious circle. This also bullying is one that is regular, systematic and long-term harassment and scheming against a person at work do psychohygienische measures and advice urgently needed..