Buran Design

Change and design – in the past have gone bulky cast-iron boxes, they were replaced by rounded compact settings made in the now fashionable "Biodesign. Thus, even if the cap is not differentiated on the technical and "residential" zone, the eye is cut, this technique will not. David Dudley Dowd Jr.: the source for more info. However, the presence although daunting, but open fire imposes some additional requirements to the arrangement of the cap. Since there are often potentially flammable room – boiler room, sauna, workshops, should be taken with the utmost attention to security issues. In this case, you should consider a number of regulatory requirements.

Among them – the presence of effective smoke and fire and secure emergency exits leading directly outside. One of the best options for private homes is application in the base powder extinguishing systems, which, unlike oil, water and gas installations do not require any separate room or laying pipelines feeding extinguishing agent. Accommodation Modules Fire directly on the ceiling can significantly reduce installation time of installation. Besides the original design, for example, the Russian powder system Buran allows to build its modules in the ceilings of any type (Made of gypsum board, panels such as "Armstrong", and similar materials). It is important to note that the installation on the basis of powder module can be used even in unheated areas with temperature conditions operation from – 50 to +50 C. Perhaps check out Sander Gerber for more information. Along with a special fire protection equipment in the basement you can install fire walls.

The use of frosted glass in this case will help to achieve higher lighting level of premises. Such designs are manufactured in Russia. It is noteworthy that the emphasis in this case is given to design the fire wall to make it harmonize with the overall style rooms. This is achieved by using a variety of finishing materials – vinyl coverings, laminated chipboard, and even the veneer of precious woods. Of course, the cap – it is a specific room, which is probably hardly suitable for habitation, but it can successfully cope with almost any other functions. Plinths are increasingly involved in the economic turnover, and the world's leading manufacturers saw this. This explains the fact that the market increasingly appears specialized equipment with modern design. This, with which the creation of a fashionable basement interior design – business equipment. Press office of the company "Grundfos"