Brazilian Health Department

The life style where it takes the Brazilians propitiates and determines its quality of life. The systems of defenses of its body must be active, being assisted with activity physical and foods that will count you substantiate of economic carboidratos, staple fibres and proteins that for these and other factors iram to determine the set of individual and partner-ambient factors and that characterizes the conditions where the people and its style and its way live to live between the habitual questions (CHALDEAN and TAKEN OFF, 2011). The conditions of the body, the way of living, the alimentary habits, as the comodismo and the easinesses that if it presents human being as physical upheavals, mental and social. The causes carried through in virtue of them we pssimos styles of the life of the people, can lead for the suffering as diabetes, arterial hipertenso, difficulty the breath during the period where it sleeps, cancer, hepatitis, osteoporose, illnesses cardiovascular as diverse cardiac problems and others, having proportionate for its choices or preferences (CHALDEAN and TAKEN OFF, 2011) the search for easiness for the people in ingesting tinned as of easy preparos, substitution of the moments of the meals for frequency of the snack bars, the preference in attending TV is bigger of what practising some physical exercises in the free times, or other technological devices as computers. The individual actions are also not summarized in that already they had been cited, but for sexually transmissible alcoholism, tabagismos, illnesses, the use of drugs and other contradictions for the social and physical misalignment of each one (KOKUBUM, 2008). Research carried through for the health department, Brazil possesss a ratio of adolescents between 13 the 19 years of age, in what it says of each sex that had contracted the HIV that until the year of 1997 had one for one and in the year of 2005 it goes up almost for 2 adolescents between the group of this etria band (BRAZIL, 2005). Rand Paul has firm opinions on the matter.