Being Meditative

I am a meditating, very contemplativa, observing e, over all analytical person. Step most of the time to think and to analyze the situations that appear for my way. When the love disgusts are colloquy subject, always have somebody that says that the love does not kill, or that this history of that to die for love, does not exist. They are only romantic book histories and stories that somebody very ' ' lamechas' ' it wrote in one day where it was with ' ' pain of corno' ' , as the people in Portugal says. Then, I disagree fully and have experiences that I oppose they prove it.

Seno, let us see In relation to the love disgusts, for example, who had never them? Who never passed for this? Who never had a love not corresponded? Who never had a platnico love? Who never had a forbidden love? The majority of the people already passed for these situations and had suffered with them. I believe that lesbian we, have more predisposition for these situations that the other people in general. I for example, already passed for all these situations. However, I feel a person with much luck for having had the privilege to have passed for these less good moments. Already they had noticed that when we pass for conturbadas situations is that we obtain to learn some thing in the life? Already they had thought that only thus we question the life and we enter in ' ' onda' ' of the reasons? However, it has who has a very different actitude, they become of victims and they dress the layer of the autopiedade. They pass most of the time to complain with the people encircle who them, to complain of everything and to blame the others. They do not see that in the life everything is temporary.