Also, do not forget that a particular person may be allergic to the pro-and anticoagulants, in this case, the use plazmoliftinga zatrudneno.Pokazaniya to use the method of age elastosis skin. Dryness, decreased skin turgor. Minor wrinkles. Initial manifestations of ptosis of skin. Prevention of formation of stretch marks, stretch marks skin "with a sharp decrease in weight. Rehabilitation of the skin after excessive insolation. Rehabilitation of the skin after a chemical, laser or a peeling. Age over 25 years.

Contraindications Systemic diseases of the blood. Inflammatory skin diseases. Pronounced ptosis the skin. Allergy to pro-and anticoagulants used in the manufacture of PRP. Immunosuppressive state. Mental illness.

How are produced plasma, platelet rich? Blood was not traumatic for the patient and compare with taking a routine blood from a vein. Platelet rich plasma can be obtained from blood by means of special centrifuges. During the rotation of the blood is separated into three main components of the degree of density. The least dense platelet poor plasma (BeTP) is removed first. Platelet rich (which sometimes called "platelet-leukocyte" layer) is removed in the second turn, and the most dense red blood cells are separated by the latter. This method previously had a number of drawbacks: the need for a fence of a large volume of blood the mandatory presence of transfusion and skilled technician, malopredskazuemaya concentration of platelets in PRP. Modern centrifuges are much better. Therefore, we are working with much smaller volumes blood (20, 40, 60 and 120 ml). The process of obtaining PRP is fully automated and takes 14 minutes and does not require trained personnel.