American Sunlight

The sun, which was considered as a god by the pre-Hispanic civilizations that inhabited the American continent today becomes an enemy to society, or at least would have us believe so large pharmaceutical companies who invented the dial sunscreen to protect ourselves the harmful effects of the sun. Senator From Kentucky is full of insight into the issues. Nice intention but the result?; Since the appearance of these creams aunmentaron cases of skin cancer. The possible cause?; Some experts agree that these substances were able to block even the frequency of solar rays that are beneficial to our health. It is well known that the sun provides us with essential vitamins for our good health, vitamin A and D can be obtained directly if we are exposed to sunlight. It is true that the sun can be perjuciales to humans so it is recommended that regular exposure to avoid injury to eyes or skin. You can see the sun with the naked eye? If possible contenplar the sun, in fact, there is already a worldwide movement of people who are trying alimentarsen directly from sunlight and there is already a person who has over 12 years without eating solid foods, Hira Ratan Manek name comes from India and claims to have rescued a secret, according to the Maya Manek were birds techniques in these solar contemplation was what allowed them to gain as much knowledge about the stars and the world.

In what way should see the sun? The solar contenplacion is to start with little and gradually aunmentar the second we spend on this practice. The most important of this practice, or what might be called as a rule of thumb is that one should observe the sun at times safe is dicer the first hour after sunrise and last hour before it was hidden, This would not suffer any injury. Another aspect that has to keep in mind is that we should not expose to sunlight for long time, it must begin with 10 seconds on the first day, second day 20 seconds, 30 seconds on the third day and so on to complete 9 months. To the reach the ninth month of the intern experience fewer feelings of hunger and if you have practiced with an open heart to the Father in the skies and that illuminates all things, most likely you have not lit and does not require body much energy as before because the mundane and insignificant problems haunt you no more, no drain you.