the man is dedicated to wish aloud, what it never strives in reaching. Noel Claras. Dedicated a: Iris. Until the moment she has not failed in which one has seted out. When one evaluates the possibilities that appear in the Internet to make money, it feels impelled to initiate under the model of the system of affiliates.

This model of businesses without a doubt is efficient, rewarding and generates a return of exponential investment in relation to which it has become congested of money in the business. Good, that will happen as long as it becomes of a responsible and intelligent way. What I mean with these two last concepts? They are the signaling than they are two of the errors that we commit under this model when we are inexperienced in the emprendimiento in the Internet. We abrimos blog or page Web and stuck banners of somewhat arbitrary and illogical way, (we even fall in the stupidity of to bomb the screen of images and ingenuously we hoped to make money). That is the first error, we handled the tools of the system of affiliates of irresponsible way. secondly error has to do, (with the pardon of both), with the lack of intelligence. It is peculiar how we got to lose the common sense and the logic of the businesses, we hoped at that the results without at least delivering a minimum attack in our strategy arrive of marketing by Internet. A good principle to excel in this situation is to generate content.

What type of information we must write up? (in this occasion I am talking about the text at issue, knowing beforehand that other forms exist to transmit content like audio and the video), without a doubt it will have to do with the market niche that we have defined previously. In fact, the digital products that we think about promoting will have to do with this one thematic segment and that we think to work. And they must have like common denominator with our restlessness, abilities and certain dominion of the subject. It can be for example, on the profession that we carry out or the labor area in which we have certain experience. When having in valuable ours blog contained, that it can be information on that subject that it interests and we hoped to us especially looks for the people with the same restlessness, we will obtain, in certain way, fidelizar to the visitors to our page. They will trust us and therefore, they will choose to buy the products that we recommended in our same blog. This has certain logic and nevertheless, in the personnel, I committed those errors. I suppose that has a psychological explanation. Now I understand that the products that we recommended, our the advertising content, announcements and our own products are, all of them, generating sources of income.