Alternative Therapies

The long tradition of use of products of plant origin in contemporary medicine and reaction against synthetic drugs have led to a resurgence of herbal sometimes called phytotherapy. The belief that it is “natural” it has acquired an aura of wholesomeness unmerited, in fact, composites are used by herbalist in many cases the same as in the pharmaceuticals industry, supplements but it mixed with other substances and at a dose much less accurate. Side effects caused by the drugs industry are less common in herbal medicine, and the health risk of adverse reactions or confusion in use is also present.
Phytotherapy practiced now feeds much of the Western tradition herboristica ‘which dates back health care to the Greeks and Romans’ tradition of nutrients Ayurveda herbal Chinese and Indians in this country, is part of the therapies employed in the public health, together with Other relatively new practice in the West, such as acupuncture.
In addition to proven safety fitness of plant compounds, such as those present in the domestic consumption of nutrition tea, this trend has led to the marketing of vegetable supplements, whose regulation is still incomplete in many countries. The debate about whether material should be freely marketed as food, or by contrast undergo more rigorous reviews of drugs, is largely still open. the nutrients and supplements that I bought from In the U.S. skin care a 1994 law classified as nutritional supplements, allowing their sale and consumption unless FDA can demonstrate its pernicious character.
Peligros own herbal medicine include the high risk of adverse interactions, either between drugs or herbal products industry because of the presence of variable dosage and active ingredients in many herbal preparations, and the possibility of confusion sometimes causing fatal unstable nomenclature of plant species or varieties called by the same name, even if they are very similar botanically, they can vary greatly in the presence and concentration of active ingredients.
At present the main wellness business of phytotherapy quantify active ingredients in each batch of plant and perform stringent checks of radioactivity, pesticides and other contaminants, which ensures a homogenous effect on all their preparations.