Aikido Yoshinkan

Aikido in our day become as popular form of martial arts such as karate or judo. Many believe that it is inferior to them in performance, but, despite this continues to spread aikido, and hundreds people sincerely want to start practicing this form of martial arts in his spare time. Nevertheless, they often stop the lack of information about what is aikido, and how to train. Aikido are held, usually in a characteristic for any martial arts style. It begins with a traditional workout, during which a person actively warming up, preparing for future work.

In Aikido Yoshinkan There is a standard workout, performed under the bill and consisting of a strict sequence of certain exercises. Unfortunately, some instructors treat it with skepticism, because, believe it is too short and "sluggish". Then embarking on development of basic rack Aikido Yoshinkan (KAMA) and the basic movements (kihon dosa). It's quite hard and tedious work, which, nevertheless, can develop certain motor skills in humans which are nothing and have never done. In addition, further elements of the basic exercises will occur in each technique, but because the successful development of kihon dosa – a pledge rapid progress in the future.

The next section Training is the longest, is devoted to working out and training of basic techniques (kihon waza). Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta: the source for more info. These techniques are usually carried out with low speed and separation. The main objective of this work is not achieving the maximum speed and efficiency, and purchasing habits maintain correct body position in the process of implementation techniques. It is sometimes said that the basic techniques of Aikido Yoshinkan quite effective, and can not help in a real fight.