Advertise With The Honest Skin: How Brands Are Faithfully Remain

So, the theme of the 14th German packaging dialogue in Heidelberg on October 27 is 2011. Heidelberg. Brand management can uphold self-similarity in the sense of a self honesty under current market conditions? Entrepreneurs and managers in the German Packaging Museum, Heidelberg discuss on 27 October 2011, when they meet for the traditional German packaging dialog. The 14th edition of this Symposium Perry Soldan, managing partner of Dr. C. Soldan GmbH, to speak this time (em-eukal), Stefan Grote, Executive Vice President business unit consumer at tesa SE (tesafilm ), Jens Plachetka, Managing Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland at H.J. Heinz GmbH (“H.J. Heinz”.-Ketchup), Georg Fankhauser, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WELEDA AG (“WELEDA” natural cosmetics) and Prof.

Rido buses, owner and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the buses Design + Engineering GmbH (Action Plagiarius e. V.). Imagine brands, which have become classics by linearity and continuity of their presentation. The parent theme of the day is “advertise with honest skin: how brands remain true to himself”. Peter Jochen Schott (Schott relations, Stuttgart), Chairman of the Board of the Association, and Hans-Georg Bocher, Museum Director and Managing Director of are awarded the “Packaging of the year” award on this day for the third time.

With this ceremony, the German Packaging Museum provides a packaging in the public eye, the award-winning design and sustainable brand management in the same way realize once in a year. The packaging and design as well as the outstanding entrepreneurial achievement be acknowledged. For more information see sr/sr-ps German Packaging Museum.php. Company Description provides the German Packaging Museum in Heidelberg as the first and only Museum of its kind since the opening in 1997 the cultural achievement of packaging in the Center. The packaging of the goods always presents itself as a mirror of the cultural developments of our society. The historical Change of product performances simultaneously shows the change of everyday life in the course of time. Company contact: German Packaging Museum e.V., Hans-Georg of Bocher Hauptstrasse 22 69117 Heidelberg phone: + 49 6221 21361 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: SCHOTT relations GmbH UTA Keilhauer Tigli spuren 22 70176 Stuttgart Tel: + 49 (0) 711 164 46 16 E-Mail: Web: