Acai Berry Weight Loss

All we have seen the announcement in Facebook and other pages to socialize on the tablets of acai berry and on as the celebrities stay thin to consume these and the colon cleanse or cleaner of colon. Also we have seen as they put photos of people who say to have lost 16 or more kg without making diet, only by timar tablets of acai to the day combianada with the colon cleaner. raphical-book-report/’>Heart Specialist. . If it sounds to you very good to be truth. . YOU HAVE RAZN! We begin to say that " test gratis" It is not free, in small letters (within the terms and conditions of the capture page where beams the order say) you that if in 14 or 30 days (depending what marks you have asked) you do not return the bottle with the empty surplus of tablets or, will do a position to you to your credit card among USD$79. 00 and USD$89.

00. Once they do that position to you, if nonbeams the cancellation, either telephone route or through contact format that appears in its page Web, do a monthly position to you by the same amount until in as much you do not cancel. If in addition you free requested the test of the colon cleanse will do ANOTHER monthly position to you by that product. However, I made my order in March of 2009, when not yet there was page in Spanish, I requested both products the tablets of acai and the colon cleanse. When you try to cancel (I say by personal experience) if it beams through format of contact of its page Web NOBODY answers to you nor confirms to you to have received your request. If it beams via telephone (the telephone you find in the terms and conditions of the page Web where you have made the order) answer a recorder to you and they leave you in delay by a minimum of 20 minutes.