Women Folk Remedies

Be charming and admiration – the problem is not new, similar problems still worried about the girls for a long time. Expression of cosmetics has a long history, the first mention of it date back to ancient Greece. Already in the meantime there were professionals, "Kosmet", which sold ladies means by which they had a chance to "beautify" themselves, to conceal flaws. Cosmetics appeared unspeakably long time ago, primitive human-like painting face, decorating its diverse designs. Lipstick, which is found in the excavations, like a modern and a hodgepodge of fat and pigment.

In Egypt, the lady was not only smeared makeup, and even more skillfully performed pampering. A variety of grinding spices and help save your skin young. Egyptian women were the first to alter the shape of age, with lines made along the upper eyelid. Especially for this purpose they used pencils made of malachite. Various means are found even in ancient Egyptian tombs, this fact testifies to the extent necessary, these things seemed to be people. In Europe, cosmetics came only during the period Recovery. Means there is some reason do not like, was famous only for cosmetic decoration.

Became very fashionable white. The woman seemed to be faster in humans naked than without bleach. Russia also does not remain in away from fashion. Folk remedies specifically designed for a more expressive exterior pridavaniya included: beet juice, and coal to make the perfect eyebrows. Interesting was the custom to smarten up the face "Beauty spot", a piece of material that is flagged in the face, portraying a birthmark. This fashion came from the East, from Arabic or Persian states, it is in these countries was considered an attractive presence of moles. It took a lot of years, some cosmetics survived, remaining forever gone. But one thing has remained constant – the desire to look like an elegant woman for many years.