The Eventsuchmaschine Hotpotch To Find Events For All

What do we do at the weekend? There is a party tonight? What can we do on Sunday with the children? These and other questions to find an answer on now! The event – and Eventsuchmaschine hotpotch is from Friday, 12th December in a first beta version online. Already at the start is hotpotch about 40,000 concerts, parties, plays and many other types of events, and that alone for the next seven days. The operation is easy to understand and you must not only deep click through any calendar, to come to the proper result. Just to make a search query on a postcode or place and you get sorted by distance all results within a certain radius. Cosmo Bags understood the implications. Hotpotch comes from the English hotchpotch and stands for all sorts. On hotpotch there is to discover all sorts of? Events that you never thought, exhibitions of which they knew nothing or concerts that one would never have expected and the best: everything in the nearest distance to his chosen starting point. We want to with our service for any region in Germany the most and most relevant results of events provide”, so Alexander Stengelin co-founder and Managing Director of hotpotch. And just for the party-goers of the Republic, who often spontaneously decide whether they still go away, the mobile application from hotpotch on the phone is certainly extremely interesting.” Press contact: Alexander Stengelin hotpotch UG (haftungsbeschrankt) lower suburban 29 78532 Tuttligen Tel. 0 74 61 / 7 82 09 email: