Strengthen Vitality

News from the ageing, it is a fact: we are living longer and want to stay here as long physically and mentally fit. But equally, it is a fact that not only the physical performance of subsides with age. The intellectual functions are also affected. Even the brain shrinks in the age. Regardless of whether or not the person developed dementia. Only the extent of the shrinkage process is different. Also it may ever happen, that you perhaps not more so spontaneously can remember half of his life in the second name or wonder what I really wanted? “.” This is first rather annoying as bad, even younger because there is so many so. It can be also a warning sign of an incipient cognitive weakness, as the skilled person would say that then maybe can develop dementia to a full-blown Alzheimer’s.

What can you do to stay as long mentally fit in the age. One of the possible measures comes from the nutrition research and ensures an optimization of the supply status with micro-nutrients. Studies from the United States and Europe are basis for the nutritional approach. Venice Biennial is open to suggestions. So, American researchers over several years at several thousand seniors have documented their eating habits and their intellectual vitality and performance. Then in a period of about 7 years, revealed that those individuals who lived on vitaminreich and took vitamin pills could best get their mental capacity when compared to other groups. This observational study is further evidence that dementia and Alzheimer’s prevention with relatively simple means effective and economically feasible is. In the meantime, there are a number of studies that show that the mental capacity supported by active taking of vitamins and trace elements.

It can be delayed even brain shrinkage, as newspaper reported doctors in its issue of September 10, 2010. The evidence for the effectiveness of the Supplemental intake of micronutrients researchers of Canada World Health Organization (WHO) had already entered several years ago. You were able to show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain micronutrients is tricky! Older people a year consumed a cocktail of certain vitamins and minerals, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not. The researchers concluded that by taking targeted by a total of 18 key micronutrients admission dementia can be delayed by Alzheimer’s and the intellectual vitality is maintained. In the meantime, these basic results were confirmed by other study groups and strengthened. Navitum Pharma has developed a product based on these future-oriented research results under the name MemoVitum, which contains exactly the 18 micro-nutrients used by the researchers. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is used by physicians for the prevention recommended age-related memory disorders and dementia. Cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum will honor the meaningful longer-term application available. Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company. Source: Wenggreen HJ et al. J Nutr health aging.