State Tax Inspection

2. 'The register of shareholders' should be conducted properly. Swarmed by offers, Smart Sites is currently assessing future choices. In accordance with the law 'On Joint Stock Companies "the purchased your company should organize keeping of the register within 30 days from the date of registration, and roster management is regulated by the Regulation on Maintaining the Register owners of registered securities which have been approved fcsm N 27 from October 2, 1997 (as amended. fcsm of Russia N 45 from 31.12.1997, N 1 from 12.01.1998, N 8 of 04.20.1998). 3. All the shares before the transaction of sale must be paid, ie, registered capital must be made of 100%.

The order of sale and purchase, and there is also very simple. 1. Previous shareholders sign the protocol, which contains a decision on the sale of shares, indicating to whom it is sold. 2. Signed contracts for the sale of shares, the acts of these contracts. All of 2 copies – for the parties to the treaty. Transfer order one copy of the Registry.

3. New shareholders signed a protocol with the appointment of a new ceo. 4. Filled appropriate forms of the register of shareholders. 5. In order for a new General assured the signature in the bank card with a notary, is preparing an extract from the register of shareholders. And then the new general of the former takes the seal, register of shareholders, documents and other matters, including accounting. It is worth saying a few words about the further procedure. Regardless of what you buy: llc or jsc, you must within 10 days to notify the State Tax Inspection of your company to change Director General and the members or shareholders, by providing copies of relevant documents by mail or in person at the Law Department.