Restaurants Novosibirsk

Cheating in restaurants Novosibirsk: what is more important than money or miracle? How to cheat in our restaurants? I would divide all the methods into four groups: 1.Moshennichestvo with a check. There are lots of ways to trick the visitor into the restaurant Novosibirsk or in any other city, but they all are based on the fact that you do not remember how many and which ordered, or were too lazy to request a cashier's check. Here, as everywhere else – check their accounts and never pay for something you do not given. 2. with the ingredients. There is much more difficult. Need to have developed taste to distinguish fresh meat from the frozen, and "Maasdam" from the "Vityaz", after both were together and heat treatment turned into the same 'meat in French.

" As when visiting a restaurant to avoid this kind of deception? The most simple – go to the well-known institution, whose reputation is more expensive employees opportunities to make money dishonestly. 3. nedoliva problem. Sales of ice at the price of the drink – the hype in the restaurant. So, remember the James Bond and required to file the ice in the bowl, but in a separate martini glass. If you bring a drink with ice, take a look at number. Ordered 200 grams of ice and will not fit in a glass of volume less than 300 ml 4.Obman expectations. Who else, but I go to a restaurant not only to eat or drink, but also to feel the atmosphere of a place on the hour – other switch to a different perception of reality, to catch my little miracle. I can forgive a small discrepancy in the receipt, slightly diluted whiskey or a few limp greens, but the tea in a plastic cup juice in a bag or a waitress, do not understand the coffee map forever dare me from the offending institution. The restaurant should be a stylish establishment, and not just use this word in its name.