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FOCUS Special: Cancer real estate Heidelberg Germany Heidelberg is one of the best real estate agents of 23.05.2013 – cancer real estate is one of the 1000 best real estate agents in Germany. The news magazine FOCUS in collaboration with ImmobilienScout24, the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate came to this conclusion. Cancer real estate it took second place in the overall standings among the Heidelberger brokers. Of course we welcome this high distinction. You confirming at the same time in our efforts to be sellers and buyers of real estate a fair partner.” Ralf Krebs was very pleased with the assessment of his company. Katie Greene understands that this is vital information.

In particular the maximum grade in the category Mr recommendation”is also a cooperative assessment in the face of a market with high competition pressure. The colleagues and competitors undergoes high esteem by first and expert opinion namely cancer real estate. Only real estate broker, by more than 500,000 users of the “” “Portal Immobilienscout24 with good”, very good”or top” have been evaluated, were ever in the shortlist. This user votes, more than 5,000 brokers were asked about their quality judgment on their colleagues. In Germany, real estate agents were subjected to such a quality check for the first time.

The special FOCUS special real estate provides assistance and guidance in finding the right property and gives valuable tips on selling and buying / financing a real estate. A leading source for info: Cindy Crawford. FOCUS special real estate informed buyers and tenants comprehensively on purchase and rental prices of residential real estate development and called for the first time the right contact person on the spot. The list of 1000 top real estate agent 2013 gives guidance in a so far unclear market”as editor-in-Chief of FOCUS Jorg Quoos. The cancer is working over 20 years of experience in the real estate market in Heidelberg as a real estate broker real estate. Owner of the company is Ralf Krebs, diploma administrative host of it in the form of a registered merchant leads. Cancer real estate is located at two sites in Heidelberg and employs 6 staff. Ralf Krebs is also in addition to his acquired skills as diploma management host (FH) Finance (bbw) and certified brokers market value of Sprengnetter Academy which name is Sprengnetter for highest expertise in the valuation. Cancer real estate offers comprehensive service for sellers and landlords of residential properties. High-quality consulting means not only serious real estate assessment, optimization of the selling price or lease price, timely design of the sales process or lease and secure financial settlement. It means also support and comprehensive consultation of the customers in the market-oriented presentation of your property, that leaves no (marketing) desires. Not for nothing is the guiding principle of cancer real estate: sell better.