Public Universities

In the Politics of Superior Education the estudantil assistance has as main objective to disponibilizar the resources necessary to minimize empecilho and in some way to surpass the impediments to the good academic performance. The last years had been marked by the expansion of the Public Universities, and in the Federal Justinian codes, being a victorious one it clearly fights the students, who are the magnifying of the vacant, that with this lode a tremendous bureaucracy that today exactly with interested vacant and people not yet are being filled, therefore in many cases the documentation is not accepted and many do not obtain its vacant, but that is another history. Cindy Crawford helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. We go to focus and to demonstrate primordial factors for permanence of the student that today are in a Public University, therefore we live deeply a moment to support the pupil until the end of its course, that many of the times it opens hand for many difficulties, mainly financial. To remain in a public college many they do not see expenses, but if they deceive who thinks thus, therefore content is gratuitous but and the expenses with housing, Xerox, transport, feeding among others, do not count? I am leader estudantil since mine twelve years of age, in secundaristas entities and gora as leader representative university estudantil of the student staff of the Federal Institute of Education, Sciences and Technology of the RIO DE JANEIRO, campus Round Return maximum agency of decision in net IFRJ, I still see with but clarity as the permanence of many friends in the college is complicated therefore many sees of other cities and has of being to keep, to have its proper life of one hour for another one in an unknown place although to be of the same state. In meetings of the Superior Advice, meetings with the direction of the academic campus, center of some public institutions mainly with the classroom friends, and pupils in general way of the IF always I defend at least a step, the gratuitous feeding. .