Psychological Manipulation

Psychological manipulation: Confused minds? Good day dear people! That they have one illuminated and harmonious day. We are crossing in this period of according to turn of the elections, a very great load of stoked subjects to leave any confused mind more and the fanatic ones. The proposals are the same ones, of both the candidates, with some exceptions. To the voter it fits to analyze with attention what it wants for next the four years. Whenever Center for Environmental Health listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Continuation of the projects and/or until unexpected changes that can until raising the cost and quality of life in Brazil, that passes for a phase where chances and crescimentos are clear. I am not affiliated to no party, but I follow each schedule, notice and subjects, referring to each candidate. Source: Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario. what if it can also observe in this last stage is the personal aggressiveness, attacks, calumnies, and until preconception, for having a woman, competing to the biggest position that has in Brazil; to be president of great a wonderful and crossbred nation.

But, while the time passes with the incited dispute, they go appearing things that take in them to reflect better on the two personalities. At the beginning the attack came of a side giving then possibilities for clarifications, what in contrast (of what it desired) the other candidate, helped the Brazilians to know better and to be more prepared to choose and to reflect. They are not years of work that give ability and honesty to the human being, for the opposite many relax, are arrogant and until confused with the proper one existing and the surrounding world, with thoughts and fixed ideas, without opening space for the new. Without undeserving those that continue growing, evolving, constructing to know, helping in the quality of life, the education, in science However, some they are lost and if they become destructive and arrogant critics.