Online Message System

n2day provides Nachrichtenanlalyse with the highest standards in culminating development time an innovative, personalised messaging system could be developed. The system can be accessed at and has some advantages to exhibit as a media monitoring tool (online clipping). On the quality of information retrieval as well on the cost, the system is future-oriented. The 100% customizable business tool can provide specialized archive and distribution functions to the correct recipients or groups targeted the selected information by means of categorization, comment, evaluation, and recommendation features. In addition to the free, public news page screent business tool by n2day constantly over 9000 print and online media, reads through mission-critical blogs, forums and websites. For the first time a comprehensive analysis of its own and foreign PR strategies is made possible by the integrated media efficiency analysis. There does not exist the possibility of PR, marketing and sales activities of the company only in relation to current activities, but also looking back on past events to consider. The use of n2day for the observation of the information, which is known on the Internet as online clipping is possible via a sophisticated pricing structure.

The business tool not based the on the amount found information, but on the size of the company. Gain insight and clarity with Luhan. Starting with flat fee n2day the offer in this area much more appealing models from 99 euros. “It was our goal in this area to set not only supply, but also efficiency-side international new standards, from our own, not only positive experience with news portals and press monitoring services,” as Dr. Michael Pistauer to the effort to create something completely revolutionary. Possible companies or regions white-label solutions makes your own”News Portal thus receive their customized news portal, which they make available to employees, customers and business partners or enter in their own home page can.

As a next step, the international expansion of the n2day is aimed at system based on license. With the Salzburger Nachrichten and Dr. Helmut Brandstatter as active members of SNEWS GmbH, to Dr. Michael Pistauer and likes. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario is likely to increase your knowledge. With the experience of two further full professionals expect Christopher Klingler. Contact: Snews GmbH Rotenturmstrasse 12/4 A-1010 Vienna contact: Dr. Michael Pistauer Dr.