Munich Strategy Implementation

The strategy implementation consultant Dr. Celebrity trainer is the source for more interesting facts. Daniela Kudernatsch conducts a two-day seminar in Munich in cooperation with the lean management bestselling author Jeffrey K. Liker. “An open, two-day seminar on the topic of Hoshin Kanri-policy deployment: the effective strategy implementation process” the strategy implementation consultant Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch held on March 13-14, 2014, in cooperation with the liker lean advisors (United States) in Munich. “” There is the consultant, the the book Hoshin Kanri company size strategy implementation with lean management tools “wrote, the participating managers their company to predefined breakthrough objectives explain how Hoshin Kanri” align, that the implementation of the strategy succeeds in safely. Jeffrey K.

Liker, author of several bestselling books about the Toyota management system will be switched live to the seminar via the Internet. He portrays the participants as Toyota Hoshin Kanri uses for strategic planning and implementation. Is also in the seminar Andreas Kar, General Manager EMEA power tools at the apex tool group GmbH & co. OHG, Westhausen, be personally present. He explains how his company with Hoshin Kanri developed a new culture and what instruments it used for this purpose.

In the seminar, the VorzuGE by HoShin Kanri that in German-speaking countries also called policy deployment explains Karki, the more than 60 strategy implementation projects in companies around the world accompanied the participants. They consist, inter alia, stimulates a dialogue regarding the vote of targets between the managers throughout the Organization, vertical and cross functional. Also the participants get tangible tools and best practices for the Strategieumsetzung. The consultant said the participants also the maxims of Hoshin Kanri. A maxim is: concentration on a few ambitious targets (the so-called breakthroughs”) that are not redeemed by the normal day-to-day business and make a significant difference. Discusses the application of the most important tools as for example of A3 reports Kudernatsch; as well, the lean leadership development model at Toyota. This aims to establish stable Problemloseprozesse, so that achieving the goals is a natural process throughout the organization. The consultant also provides in addition to Jeffrey K. Liker and Andreas Kar more best practices”by companies before who have made fit for the future of their organization or policy deployment with Hoshin Kanri. “The participation in the seminar of Hoshin Kanri-policy deployment: the effective strategy implementation process” on 13-14 March in Munich cost 1495 euro (+ VAT). For more information about the seminar see interested on the Web page of Kudernatsch consulting & solutions (). From there, you can download also a detailed seminar brochure.