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Travel guides are a must for the perfect planning of a vacation. But also during the trip, they facilitate the planning of your days. To get access to land information at any time, Makoye media offers free travel information for mobile phone, Smartphone and PDA since March 2007. The user friendly designed websites feature mobile tourist guides, who accompany travellers with topics such as culture, climate, attractions and history. In addition, they give practical advice to the entry requirements, as well as addresses of embassies and consulates informative and compact. The travel portals make it particularly easy to inform whether at home or on the go from your mobile phone all over the world and at any time the users. Important facts and data can be obtained so quickly and easily.

A great advantage to the user is the time saved by a clear structuring of land information. Currently amounted to the mobile travel portals in countries such as Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Djerba, Greece, Canada, South Africa and Zanzibar. Additional portals for Kenya, Bolivia, Tanzania, Curacao or Rimini are still under construction and coming soon. Our mobile travel guides have all been deposited by Apple in the iPhone Web application. For more information see.