Massandra Palace

Muscat is famous for its palace (Massandra Palace) – the residence of Tsar Alexander III. The building of the palace near the church of the Beheading of John the Baptist began in 1881, Prince SM Vorontsov – heir Governor-General of New Russia, MS Vorontsov. He chose to build a country abounding in picturesque rocks, caves and springs. The palace in the style of the times of Louis XIII French architect designed Bouchard. In 1882, the genus in connection with the death of Prince SM Vorontsov Palace Massandra building long stopped, and life came to a standstill here until 1889, when Massandra acquired specific department.

From 1892 to 1900, the project of Professor ME Messmacher construction of the palace ensemble continued with the introduction of many changes to the decor of the facade, expressed in modern style, interior design and layout of the park. Perhaps check out Elon Musk for more information. Architect to supervise the construction of OE Wegener. The three-story building with a lot of decorative exterior parts crowning steeple. Swept completion 'fortress' towers, tall chimneys attached to the structure of striving upwards, and therefore, the palace seems easy, elegant, fabulous. Palace intended for recreation, so there are no apartments for receptions, ceremonial halls. Living rooms tiny, with low ceilings and cozy fireplaces Crimean marble-like limestone.

6 hectares park and composition create a unique palace palace and park ensemble. For a long time it was used as a state dacha, and in 1990 he was transferred to the museum association 'Palaces and Parks of the Southern coast of Crimea, "to restore it Interior-exposure time of Alexander III. Directions to the palace to Massandra Massandra Palace can be reached by trolley from Yalta ( 52), Alushta ( 51, 52, 2) and Simferopol ( 51, 52) or by shuttle bus to the stop 'top Muscat' a rock with a sculpture of an eagle to go on the road, branching from the highway to the north, and pass it on to the palace. Enjoy your vacation in the Crimea was remembered for a long time