Exclusive Block Construction

We have made us the task, best use the unique technical characteristics of our fascinating building material – genuine polar pine – in our apartment homes. Rising energy costs require new economical cookers combined with new ideas, innovative and energy-efficient construction methods and for building materials, which at the same time cater to the special requirements of future-oriented and healthy building. The wood is regarded as natural building material of our time. Little energy is required in the extraction and processing of renewable raw materials for an ecologically valuable real log cabin. Our renewable construction material wood cut off large amounts of CO2 of the atmosphere in the growth phase and stores it in the form of carbon.

Trees clean the air and provide us with oxygen. The wood regulates humidity of the rooms, radiatively – and magnetic field-free. The pleasant ambience of the correct block House increases the well-being and the security of its inhabitants. Because of the low dust content in the air of a log cabin block is a ideal alternative for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Their advantages are our experience, individual log cabin architecture, slender wall structures, short construction times without dry living, pleasant fragrance, complete wooden Kit, high resale value,… low heating costs, high-quality homes in block design made of durable polar pine. Your dream home wood applies to the wood kit of a real massive apartment block House, the harder the block bars, the more valuable. You will find also your personal dream home fast with us.