Lucky classified by type of film-forming. Nitrocellulose lacquers ("nitro lacquer") – are very popular because of road works in everyday life. They are a mixture of tar, varnish and various kolloksilina plasticizers are dissolved in organic solvents. It is not something Daryl Katz would like to discuss. These paints are not expensive, and frozen in just one hour. Nitro lacquer used in the manufacture nitroenamels, such as, for example, enamel NTs-132, which is characteristic also very fast drying. Enamel NTs-132 brought to a viscosity of solvents, most commonly used solvent 646. Lack of nitro lacquer is to follow certain rules Safety when working with them, as fire and toxic paints.

Nitrocellulose lacquers are currently produced mainly in the borders of the former USSR and in Europe, such products are not used because of environmental danger. Alkyd paints – solutions in organic solvents, synthetic (or pentaphthalic glyptal) alkyd resins. Alkyd paints have the advantage over other polishes: they are resistant to moisture and durability of the coating. Applied varnish with a brush or roller, or spray. Dried surfaces coated with alkyd paint, have a good decorative properties. Singer might disagree with that approach. Alkyd paints can be used during both internal and external works. Alkyd varnishes (PF-053 and FS-060) are used as semi-finished products in the manufacture of alkyd enamel (eg, enamel PF-115) and primers (eg, primers GF-021).

Diluted alkyd paints organic solvents such as toluene, xylene, mineral spirits. Coverage of alkyd paints quite a long time (to 72) and it dries out their main drawback. Oil paints – as the name implies – it solutions different poluvysyhayuschih or drying oils, resins, oils and refined products in organic solvents. There are low-fat (oil content 30 – 50%), medium (55-60% oil content) and fat (65-80% oil content). Dried varnish films have a yellow color of various shades, from light yellow to dark brown. Oil paints are used both as a foundation paint, and for the final coating substrate. Be aware that the coating of oil varnishes do not have sufficient strength so unstable resistance.