Ersoive Process

Since the ambient problems that have been the focus of innumerable quarrels in the world. We come across with innumerable announcements in the ways of telecommunication on the degradation alone it, contamination them hdricos resources, pollution it air and others, that is, accented the ambient problems come more if becoming each time and devastating the humanity. Referring to the ambient problems it is understood that the same ones are caused for the processes of occupation of the human beings in the environment, that is, alterations for the antrpica action in different levels, throughout the time and of the space, the antrpica action has generated many studies and quarrels related to the ambient problems, being the center of the quarrels the relation man and environment. In relation to the antrpica action and the ambient problems, we detach the erosion, that happens through the natural processes and antrpico, of disaggregation, decomposition, transport and deposition in the surface of the land; being thus the erosion it comes being an important factor in the question of the degradation of the environment a time that is provoked by the bad use of the ground, having had beginning since the deforestations for withdrawal of the wood as for agriculture, and even though in urban workmanships. Hear other arguments on the topic with Billie Eilish. (WEDGE; WAR, 2004). Being the intrinsically on erosion something to the ground, has a necessity to argue the preservation and conservation of the ground, has seen, that all the process of occupation and reproduction of the man if of the one through the same, that is, the man produces and reproduces in the superficial layer of the terrestrial crust, called, alone. In this way, importance of the ground is perceived it as natural resources, and all the complex of space organization involves that it. The importance of the preservation of the nature and mainly of the ground is without a doubt one of the more important natural resources of the country, therefore without it we could not feeding in them.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.