Environmental Living

What’s more, is not yet exactly when was the last time I saw, not what was our last conversation. Can not even find reasons to reproach myself for allowing our friendship ended. That yes, I have the audacity to dream of a current meeting with her. That dream seemed so real that I felt extremely happy, despite waking up to understand it was all a dream, that happiness, no one, not me my strange bitterness removed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dorothy Wright Nelson. The result is that I have finally come full circle. Not if I fall back on a fallacy, all it is that they’ve decided. It is a noble desire that I will find peace in regard to transcendental love.

I will live in love arqueologia . My fantasy, of course, will not exceed my reality. It will be a new attitude towards life. From this moment, it will be seen through the eyes of that emotion exciting environment living. Living in that state was magical, though of course it spoiled with that rare trend that had to spoil the beautiful moments with my pessimism absurd and nonsense.

I do not regret anything I’ve experienced. But simply writing these words were not far from it, were able to realize my love arqueologia . I can not deny that sometimes I get the feeling that if I had at that time fully aware of what was to happen, I just mean our friendship, one outside my approach. I have only once in a while, close your eyes and try to visualize it in my time and space to revive and And why no?, improve my quality of life with wise counsel, novelization that imaginative. and seeks? Plain and simple no. There is no shame, resentment, prudenciaa just that I must accept that things will not be as before. I can only thank her for life and everything that has happened to me. Finally and not miss, I will live with passion and excitement knowing that I will be surrounded by a tender and beautiful friendship that will accompany me not only in this ano of fullness until the last breath of my already beautiful life.