Companys Assets

Many believe the establishment of the company's site costs. The company has recorded a few website. And for good reason. Of course, to some extent that's true. After all, the creation of a site you need to spend time and money. Garret Wang: the source for more info. But companies are building new building to facilitate the work of employees and daily business practices.

The new building is not recorded in cost, and assets. If we continue the analogy, the land on which the building – also an asset. Placed on the website hosting. There are costs associated with the building: electricity, taxes, water content. There are costs associated with the site: domain registration, payment for the domain and hosting (placing the site on the Internet.) The building can be sold for a lot of money. Website can sell for a lot of money. And the building and site can increase business value. So what's the worse of the building site, and why it should not be considered assets of the company? So, it is important to remember, site-friendly user interface, system administration, site search engine which love can increase not only sales but also the value of the business, sometimes even more than any other assets.