Commerzbank Arena

GL distribution platforms for Frankfurt greets the Dalai Lama long ago Buddhism in Germany has established itself as an alternative to the European religions. Many people are looking for a role model. Particularly in difficult times. Pop stars, athletes, or models and the whole superlative – group of Mochte-like superstars do not meet when it comes to the meaning of life. The Dalai Lama captured human hearts in the storm.

Because he is authentic: he lives, what he says and speaks in understandable words. And he can touch. By some happy at least. We by GL rental platforms but do not belong to these lucky ones have but in the preparations for the four-day visit of the Dalai Lama in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena with our truck-mounted platform L 350 TR in the ad hoc procedure two Dalai Lama banners at a dizzy height of the facade of the arena attached to. And that happened: Wolfgang Latton of GL is rental this afternoon, coincidence or not, just close to the Stadium on the way, when the call comes. Connect with other leaders such as supermodel here.

Whether we from GL rentals it within a very short Time manage to hang the banners? Meanwhile, W. Ladrillo the arena has reached land. A stage of the height here ranges from 30 m height, he finds at the site visit. After short telephone conversation with dispatcher Bernd Schwarz then the good news. The L 350 TR a truck work platform with a working height of 35 metres and sensitive proportional control with joystick is returned just from your last bet and ready after recent check for current use. All acquiesced as the usage in the preparation was precisely planned and scheduled has been wonderful. The 35 truck work platform 35 m high, lateral range of 28.50 m – not even proceed at the slopes of both banners. No, that would be a problem. On the contrary. It makes the thing only so easy n o c h comfortable. The truck stage remains as stand, where it is, must not be implemented, bypasses the stem of the Commerzbank instead with the telescopic arm easily arena, to hang also the second transparent. This saves time and helped, the order to bring the evening to a happy ending. End good, all good. Until the beginning of the first lecture of the Dalai Lama, the banners hung exactly where they belonged. The program for the four-day visit of the Dalai Lama consisted of lectures and teachings in the Buddhist doctrine. Topics were the essence of life”, the conscious life, sanity and inner balance. There were also panel discussions on the topics of economy and ethics, environmental awareness, global and personal responsibility, inner and outer peace and in his conclusion speech spoke the Dalai Lama about the art of living”. of courtesy: